Saturday, June 2, 2012

Seen but not photographed: The 2001 BMW Maxima

Design takes a lot of thought, but it should look easy.  The best design is obvious.  An Audi is an Audi from a mile away.  Apple design is widely imitated, but no one comes close.

 A good design language is instantly understood by everyone.  One that has to be explained is gibberish.

BMW is a tortured company that is wandering all over the map.  Nothing is easy.  When you see a BMW, you have to search for the logo to figure out what it is.  In the meantime, every minute of every painful meeting is on display.  Most bad design gives some clue to trying and failing.  BMW design is just baffling.

The latest I saw was a sedan, lightly clad in vinyl by the Here-Comes-a-Prototype!® car concealment company.  The car shot by me while I was on my bike.  I could see the circular taillights and the rear bumper sticking out from the trunk.  The look was, yes, just like a 2001 Maxima. 

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