Friday, October 12, 2012

Cadillac Ciel

What are the internal politics like for car design?  It's hard to tell from the outside.  We know that GM has a long history of making a splash at auto shows with designs that will never happen.  

I wonder if this is good or bad for designers.  Is an auto show at least an achievement, or is it a hanging out to dry?  Did it used to be different?  Auto show prototypes used to fool everyone into thinking that car companies weren't anachronisms.  They made headlines.  Now, few people bother to look at them.

Even at Pebble Beach, the Ciel didn't attract much attention.  Getting a clear shot was very easy. 

I wonder if any industry people watched the crowd movement.  People went down the middle of the walkways, glancing at the cars.  Occasionally, some would turn left or right to pick up a free water bottle before moving on.

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