Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cars of the American West: The Stillborn Series

We went on a road trip across the west.  Unlike the recent past, I had my camera with me.  Unfortunately, I forgot the chip and was too cheap to buy another one.  No matter.  There weren't any prototypes until we were driving south into Las Vegas.  There was a caravan of them.  It was also the first caravan I have seen with more than one brand.  It could have been an auto magazine, but who knows.  Would they have been worth photographing?  Probably not.

Dodge Dart:  America's fat Alfa puts on weight.

Dodge Charger:  Old school sedans come back, but not as long, low or wide as they were in the past.  It's easier to park, but just as dull.

Chrysler Minivan:  If you need sleep, count these.  Lack of reliability makes Chrysler products interesting.

Ford Taurus:  The great white brick.

There rest of the caravan, one or two other cars, was Chrysler products.  I don't remember them beyond that.

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