Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seen but not photographed: BMW SUV, BMW Mini

Once again, the folks at Here-Comes-A-Prototype® made the unremarkable stand out.

The BMW SUV, a black car with the front and back ends wrapped in black with white swirls, looks like what they have made so far. The lines  along the sides slant more, making the front end  appear lower and back end look higher. Like its predecessors, it's hard to look at.   It's top-heavy and suffers from low profile tires.  At first, I thought it couldn't be the ultimate driving anything.  Then, I realized that it is the BMW for those who don't like to drive.

The Mini was entirely clad in black with yellow swirls.  This is the first one in a while that BMW has gotten right.  It's a Mini that's slightly longer, lower and wider.  It's about time.  Their coupe shows that the Ford EXP could have been built in Europe, while their four door just looks bulbous.

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