Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seen but not photographed: Jetta Wagon 2.5, Mitsubishi iMiEv, Tesla Beverly Hills

Both looked about the same as they always do. The Jetta was the most puzzling, because the 2.5 is supposed to be going away.  Often, however, cars that are a few years old are used to test new engines.  I have pointed out in the past that the only reason displacement is written on the outside is because you wouldn't have any idea otherwise.  In this case, nothing in the way the car was driven indicated anything about the engine.  Whatever they're testing is just like everything else.

Seeing the Mitsubishi was interesting, just because they're not dead yet.  Their electric car hasn't caught on, and I doubt more testing will help. 

Tesla is falling behind stylistically.  Their dealership is a squat box painted flat black with a sign done in polished aluminum letters.  They are just in time for the rat rod trend.  Will their cars have wide white walls?

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