Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seen but not photographed: Nissan's Silver Brick of Haplessness

The GT-R exudes despair. Obese and overpowered, it just sits there.  Once it has gone by, one feels relief at not having to see it again.  The GT-R is trapped in its own body.  It is more than capable of getting out of its own way, but what's the point?  Steroid users are capable of lifting great weights while they rot away inside.

The black cloud hanging over this car is standard.  Deep, painful discontent at Nissan is obvious right away.  The design and engineering teams are on a treadmill, and the inevitable addition of another 100 horsepower will not change the situation.  The buyers are similarly boxed in.  In some circles, success means an obligatory supercar.  Shopping for such a thing is a job for a buying service.  It will impress those who have a duty to be impressed, and that's enough.

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