Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mustachioed Saturn

It's a shame that Saturn never made it.  When I was working on Japanese Car Magazine, I met some people there.  It was 1995, and they had just decided to ruin it, by folding it into the larger GM empire.  No one said that the other divisions were great, but using their stuff was cheap.  I only talked to the PR people, who were charged with selling a bad idea.

Some people think that the company is continually derailed by "beancounters," but they are wrong. GM is beancounters.  Accounting is the company.  Executives get special editions that rarely leave Michigan, while the rest of us get GM cars.

Occasionally, something slips through that is unusual or that gets a cult following.  If you own a GM car, you might as well decorate it.

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