Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yesterday's Kia Fail, Camouflage

Is Kia using old GM diesels?  I saw a big sedan of theirs yesterday.  There was so much soot on the back that the license plate was almost blacked out.  Although I failed to bring my camera, it wasn't worth seeing.  If they do come out with a diesel, proceed with caution.

It looks like the brain trust at the Here-Comes-A-Prototype® camouflage company might be on to something.  I saw a couple of prototypes going the other way that had rectangles of flat paint mixed in with the usual gloss.  It looked like it might photograph badly without screaming, "Get your camera!"

I suppose the most important job at Here-Comes-A-Prototype® is putting an attractive wrap around corporate egos.  The best camouflage is ordinary paint.  Future cars aren't exciting enough to be noticed.

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