Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seen but not photographed: 2 BMW sedans!

Good grief, these things are everywhere.  I saw two in one morning.  The first one was painted in their usual black.  They're trying out oval tail lights.  The second one was blue.  Any color is an improvement, but the shapes look like products of too many meetings.  The black one looked ok.  The front end of the blue one looks like a fish being stepped on.

I read in one source, but didn't verify with another, that Chris Bangle* said that his shapes would improve as the times caught up with him.  Such is the lament of the insecure and arrogant.  He has never been ahead of his time.  Instead of providing an exciting glimpse of the future, his work is an annoying reminder of what's wrong with the present.  His earlier work shows the defects of the past.

BMW design shows a tortured company.  They did a nice update of the Mini.  Some big Minis look like riffs on the Trabant. The only thing they are unable to successfully design is a BMW.

*Is he still at BMW?  If quality were a consideration, I would look it up.

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