Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seen but not photographed: Subaru Commercial Shoot

Photographing it is their job.  Besides, we're often stuck seeing commercials, whether we want to or not.  Having them in the area was a surprise.  All this week, I thought the streets would be blocked off for road work.  Then, there they were.

Anyway, the people at FilmWorks* were very nice about explaining what was going on.  They were also much quieter than a construction crew.

There is an artfully dirtied silver sedan parked on the curb, opposite a 3 way intersection.  A guy walking a dog crosses the street, while the camera moves on rails, slanting towards the car.  There is great attention to detail.  The fake license plate says, "THE BEAUTIFUL STATE."

The rails the camera rides on are made from metal tubing.  It looks like they are reassembled at every shoot.  Everything was very smooth.

Although life on location looks fun, I suppose it would also be difficult.  They start work early, loading their trailers and driving out. The streets had to be cleared as of 5 a.m. for them to start.  Tomorrow, they'll be somewhere else. Later, others will handle post-production.

* A million companies and organization have that as part of their name.  I have no idea who they are.

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