Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Mexican Car Market: A short series that's too long.

Happy St. Valentine's Day!  This post is the Valentine's equivalent of Charlie Brown getting rocks for Hallowe'en.  Anyway, here's the word on Mexican taxis.

Volkswagen Jetta:  This was the newest taxi we rode in, with only 14,000 km.  It was also the most substantial.  It was a very solid car that didn't feel too heavy.  On previous trips, I had heard it said that Mexican market Jettas have much stronger suspensions than anything sold in the US.

Pontiac Matiz:  The driver didn't like the car at all.  It had over 300,000 km, and the check engine light was on.  The interior wasn't that great, and the dashboard was right on my knees.  The driver said his version of the Matiz was better, because it was a Pontiac.  Chevrolets, he said, were always the first to break down.  The car had some rattles, but it sounded like there was some life left in it.  The driver said that the cabs were often used 24/7.

Fiat Palio Adventure:  Riding in this Fiat was a big surprise.  It's a small SUV, that like all SUVs, looks outdated.  Inside, it feels light, very solid and up to date.  The drivetrain sounded perfect.  I was unable to find out how old it is.  Consequently I can't tell if Fiat has improved, or if it was a fairly new car with only a few thousand kilometers on it.

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