Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seen But Not Photographed: Volvo and Audi

The first one I saw was a putty colored Volvo wagon.  It's raised a bit, in an effort to attract those who are cycling out of SUVs.  The back end looks glued on to the rest of the car.  The car is a box, and the rear is suddenly a trapezoid with rounded corners on the top.  The designers tried too hard and couldn't even be Swede-ish.  Instead, they have captured the cheapness of IKEA.

The Audi was a swanky black sedan.  The only chrome I saw identified the engine, a V6 TDI.  It's obvious what they're trying to achieve, but I suspect that it will combine the thirst of a 6, the durability of a turbo and the sluggishness of a diesel. 

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